The ServSafe Food Safety® Programs deliver much more than training. They combine critical information, exclusive tools, and real world resources to transform knowledge into action. In short, ServSafe puts the highest standard to work for you every day.

ServSafe Food Certification Managers Course
The ServSafe Food Protection Manager Certification is nationally recognized and accredited. To date, more than 4 million ServSafe Food Protection Manager Certifications have been awarded. Learn the latest on sanitary food handling, food preparation, food-borne illness and the way to prevent it!

Why be certified?

  • The ServSafe Food Protection Manager Certification is accredited by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI)-Conference for Food Protection (CFP) and is valid, reliable and legally defensible.
  • Train your staff in the highest standard of food safety training and certification.
  • ServSafe is a better way to learn, with training options to fit your needs. It's more engaging, for greater comprehension and better application.
  • Better customer satisfaction. Food safety impacts your customers, your employees and your business. With so much on the line, the right preparation means everything.

About the course...
NIFI and the Educational Foundation of the National Restaurant Association, which is recognized nationwide, designed the Serving Safe Food Certification Course.

How it works...
Upon registration for the course you will be mailed class details and a course book. Registration must be received at least 10 days prior to the course date.

The test for this course is given at the conclusion of the class, on the same day. You must receive a 75% or above to be issued a certificate. Those who pass the examination receive a certificate from the MRA and the National Restaurant Association Educational Foundation, where certification is held in a transcript and is good for five years. Certificates will be mailed within 2-3 weeks of the class date.

The cost for MRA Members is $100.00, the cost for Non-Members is $160.00.
If you are interested in joining the MRA please click here for more information.


Registering to attend a ServSafe Certification Course is easy!

For ONLINE registration and a full list of MRA sponsored classes, click here

For mail, email, and fax registration, simply download the appropriate ServSafe session brochure below, complete, and return with payment.

ServSafe - Kansas City (Classes held at US Foods in Lenexa, KS)
ServSafe - St. Louis (Classes held at PFS Middendorf)
ServSafe - St. Louis (Classes held at US Foods)
ServSafe - Jefferson City (In partnership with Confidential Restaurant Solutions)
ServSafe - Southwest Missouri (In partnership with Tom Food Safe LLC)




For questions, please contact:
Diane Archambault, St. Louis office,
Call us toll free at 877-413-7029 for further class information.


ServSafe Allergens Program
The NEW ServSafe Allergens online, interactive course drives home critical information your employees and managers need in order to accommodate guests with food allergies. The ServSafe Allergens online course covers such topics as identifying allergens, communication with the guest, preventing cross-contact, food labels and more.

The number of Americans affected by food allergies is trending higher every year. Dining out is a serious concern for them as well as their family and friends. Those who deal with this life-threatening condition are often unsure which restaurants can safely accomodate them-if at all. That's why making your restaurant staff allergy aware can help increase your revenue opportunities.

To capitalize on this opportunity, you and your employees need to have the basic information required to ensure everyone takes the steps necessary to keep your customers safe. And the ServSafe Allergens Online Course is your best, most trusted source for qualified online training. Get started today! 


ServSafe Food Handler Program
The ServSafe Food Handler training and assessment program is a complete solution that delivers consistent food safety training to employees.
ServSafe Food Handler covers five key areas:

  • Basic Food Safety
  • Personal Hygiene
  • Cross-contamination & Allergens
  • Time & Temperature
  • Cleaning & Sanitation

The ServSafe Food Handler Program uses best-in-class training to get your employees ready for the workplace.

Access training information here or call toll free 877-413-7029 if you need additional information.


ServSafe Alcohol Training
The Missouri Restaurant Association presents the ServSafe Alcohol Training program from the National Restaurant Association. This program is designed to help our members protect themselves in the wake of the Supreme Court decision that threw out Missouri’s dram shop civil liability protection for restaurateurs and bar operators.
The ServSafe Alcohol training program is designed as a series of the train-the trainer workshops and basic server/bartender training for owners, managers, food and beverage directors, service coordinators, trainers, bartenders, and servers.  This comprehensive training program:

  1. Teaches proper techniques of responsible beverage alcohol service
  2. Alerts participants to alcohol’s effects on the body
  3. Informs operators and managers on how local and state laws affect them
  4. Provides guidance in identifying and handling problem situations through videos and role playing exercises
  5. Presents effective internal communications techniques
  6. Helps reduce the risk of third-party liability lawsuits
  7. Positions restaurant businesses for reduced premiums on their liquor liability insurance coverage
  8. Promotes repeat business by encouraging a relaxed and friendly atmosphere
  9. Unlike other beverage service training programs, ServSafe Alcohol provides a complete program that allows restaurateurs the flexibility and savings of training their own servers on site rather than sending them to expensive and time-consuming classes.
  10. By allowing restaurateurs to schedule and conduct in-house training of wait staff, ServSafe Alcohol provides the knowledge, techniques and information restaurateurs need to protect their businesses in a sensible, cost-effective manner.

ServSafe Alcohol training is available to MRA members for $35 per person. This includes training, training manual and test. Non-members may also attend the training, although seating is limited and first preference will be given to MRA members.  The cost for Non-Members is $50.
If you are interested in joining the MRA please click here for more information.

Call the MRA offices toll free at 877-413-7029 if you need additional information.
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