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To access the Labor Law Hotline, call (314) 567-7350
Law firm of McMahon, Berger, Hanna, Linihan, Cody & McCarthy

  1. Identify yourself as a member of the MRA.
    2. Ask to speak to an attorney in reference to File Number “MRS-1”
    3. You will be connected with an attorney; if no attorney is available, your call will be returned within 24 hours.

Questions on legal issues regarding employment often plague restaurateurs. As an MRA member, the MRA Hotline allows quick access to legal answers on complex labor and employment law issues. Our team of attorneys specifically practice in the complex field of labor and employment law and are available to answer your questions. This service is free for the first 15 minutes, in which time most members can get their questions answered.

What is the hotline?
The MRA’s Labor and Employment Law Hotline and Employment Law Hotline allows you quick access to answers on complex labor and employment law issues. This service is free of charge only to you, as a member of the Missouri Restaurant Association.

You’ve Got Experience On Your Side
Legal services for the hotline will be provided by a team of attorneys led by *Jim Foster, Jr. of the firm of McMahon Berger. These attorneys specifically practice in the complex field of labor and employment law, and will be available to assist you or answer your questions.

Hotline Rules and Procedures
The issues that are of concern to you and that you wish to discuss with the Labor and Employment Law Attorney on the Hotline must be questions concerning business only. Calls are limited to a 15 minute duration.

What About More Complex Issues?
If you are experiencing a more complex legal problem that cannot be answered in a 15 minute call, you are welcome to continue to use the firm of McMahon Berger, but you should discuss fees directly with a representative of the firm. The Hotline is designed to assist you in answering questions requiring a quick reference. It is not intended as legal advice, or a substitute for legal counsel. Some problems are more complex and require research and representation than can be provided over the telephone in 15 minutes.

We welcome your opinion and comments on how we can better this benefit to you. If you have any suggestions, contact the MRA office at 314-576-2777

*James N. Foster, Jr. has worked with the MRA by providing labor and employment law guidance over the last 20 years.


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