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Nationally known contributor to speak at MRA meetings

EPI’s Michael Saltsman to address groups in St. Louis, Columbia, Springfield, and Kansas City

Noted contributor Michael Saltsman of the Employment Policies Institute will be in Missouri on June 5 and 6 to speak to MRA members in four cities.  A former field economist for the Bureau of Labor Statistics, Michael is uniquely qualified to disclose the truth behind the movement to raise the minimum wage and the consequences of extreme wage mandates.

Saltsman travels to the Show-me state as part of the statewide launch of the Missouri Kitchen Cabinet program, a partnership between the Missouri Restaurant Association and the National Restaurant Association designed to highlight the positive impact restaurants have in the communities in which they operate.  In its brief history, the Kitchen Cabinet has proven successful in changing the narrative regarding restaurants.

The Missouri Kitchen Cabinet began in St. Louis in 2015 and expanded to Kansas City the following year.  Given its success, the program is now expanding across the state.  “We are excited about a stronger partnership with the Missouri Restaurant Association to support and augment our advocacy efforts, as we expect 2017 and 2018 to have legislative threats on the local, state, and national levels,” commented Jon Simons, Director of Political Advocacy and Grassroots at NRA.

The June 5 meetings will take place in St. Louis in the morning, and in Columbia in the afternoon.  The Springfield meeting will be held on the morning of June 6, followed by a meeting that afternoon in Kansas City.  Meeting times and locations will be announced later.

Michael Saltsman is the research director at Employment Policies Institute.  A graduate of the University of Michigan with degrees in economics and political science, he frequently contributes to the Wall Street Journal, Forbes, other prominent publications, and media outlets such as CNBC.


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