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MRA endorses telephone service provider

Nexumi Communications – dependable service at guaranteed savings

The Missouri Restaurant Association is pleased to announce our newest endorsed partner, Nexumi Communications.  Nexumi is an internet based phone system providing a cutting edge, state of the art solution to your telephone needs.  It uses the one line you definitely need to do business in this modern age – your internet connection.  Nexumi handles all your web, voice and conferencing needs.

Nexumi guarantees regular and allied members of the MRA that their phone bill through Nexumi will be at least 10% lower than their current bill.  An average phone bill of $300 per month will save a member $360 annually.  Depending on the type of system you currently have, Nexumi could save you significantly more.  The MRA offices switched to Nexumi and have saved well over 60% on telephone expenses. There is no better pricing on phone service, and Nexumi is a proud supporter of the MRA.

Nexumi installation is free (excluding wiring), and it eliminates that cumbersome phone box full of wires hidden somewhere in your restaurant or warehouse.  Nexumi is tied directly into your internet and requires no additional hardware. All you need is digital phones. Nexumi’s installers can usually complete the changeover within one business day with little or no interruption of service.  You also get to keep your existing phone numbers.

Nexumi’s system includes standard features that often cost extra with traditional telecommunications.  Some of those include call waiting, call hold, call parking and call forwarding. Also included is voicemail with notification, teleconferencing and hold music.  Many other features are also available.

If you need to upgrade your phones, Nexumi can take care of that too.  They carry a wide variety of phone system solutions that are both durable and deliver a high-quality sound on both headset and speaker.

Several of their customers have good things to say about Nexumi:

“Finally, a better business solution! Excellent service, excellent quality and easy to use.” – Darrin, EPOS LLC.

“The transition from landlines to Nexumi was painless!  I was saving money immediately.”  – Patrick, Center Stage Café.

“Nexumi saved our church over $300 per month…Money now used to help our local community.” – Mark Cabrera, Center for Spiritual Living

The live technical support is great!  Very satisfied with the services.” Dr. Chris Harlan, Harlan Chiropractic and Acupuncture

For more information, contact Casey Roll at (816) 206-1226 or via email at caseyr@nexumi.com.

Author: MRA


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