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MRA Buyers Guide of Allied Partners

This annual publication contains a listing of our members that sell products and services to the restaurant industry.  The Buyers Guide is proudly presented each year to promote MRA’s allied members who generously support our Association.

The Buyers Guide will tell you much about MRA.  In all likelihood, there are member benefits about which you are unaware.  MRA continually looks for benefits to help ensure the success of your business.  You should know that many of our fellow MRA members save much more each year by utilizing these benefits than the cost of their MRA membership.  You will want to read the member benefits section closely.

Missouri Restaurant Magazine 

Check your mailboxes periodically for the Missouri Restaurant Magazine. Many of you will recall the magazine from years past. At the time of its discontinuance in the 1990s, the magazine was the longest running trade association publication in America. We’re excited to bring this tradition back into the hands of Missouri Restaurant professionals.

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In the words of former MRA President, Todd Hulse of Fiorella’s Jack Stack Barbecue,
“MRA looks forward to enhancing the capability to inform and engage the Association’s membership.”

MRA’s Media Kit now available!

Click for the: MRA Media Kit

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