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We’re the restaurant specialists.
Other companies may offer restaurant insurance, but most lack the knowledge of the food and beverage industry that we have. In fact, our experience and commitment to our customers have made us a preferred insurance provider in the restaurant industry. Customer service isn’t just a department at Illinois Casualty Company, it’s an attitude.

You can count on the insurance experts at Illinois Casualty to provide a protection plan that’s custom-tailored to your business.

So why take a chance that you’ll get “burned” with your current insurance coverage? Trust your restaurant to the insurance experts at Illinois Casualty Insurance

Where do you turn now?
It’s a busy Friday night in your restaurant and your hostess finds you shortly before 10 p.m., and is visibly upset. She says a patron’s family is claiming that he slipped and fell on something near his table. After checking with your staff, several servers note walking through that area shortly before the incident and not seeing any spills. You’re left standing with the threat of a lawsuit and the possibility of hefty financial damages.

Will your insurance fight on your behalf?

And if you’re found liable, will you be covered?

Now is not the time to find out how good your insurance is.

Talk to the restaurant insurance specialists.
Since 1950, Illinois Casualty has specialized in protecting restaurants like yours from a wide range of business, property and liquor liability losses.

Our specialized knowledge of the food and beverage industry means we are uniquely qualified to provide you with the custom-tailored coverage your restaurant needs. We have experience covering all types of restaurants including fast food establishments, franchises, delivery and fine dining restaurants – just to name a few.

We understand areas of the restaurant industry that others don’t, making us the preferred choice for insurance coverage. And while we’re providing you with excellent coverage, we’ll be giving you excellent service too.


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