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Healthy Dining Finder can help ensure your menu is healthy

As restaurants consider adding healthier menu choices, thought needs to be given to how to make these items accurate and appealing.  Healthy Dining Finder, a partner of the NRA and MRA can help.  They offer a variety of services that provide recipe analysis and consulting, as well as a website to promote your healthy choices.  MRA members receive a 20% discount on all Healthy Dining Finder services.

Nutrition Calculation – Healthy Dining Finder will calculate nutritional information for any restaurant menu item. A turkey sandwich or entrée salad may seem an obviously healthier choice, but adding nutritional information for those items can help emphasize the point.  It highlights the healthier choices and helps a restaurant show it is concerned about health.

Gluten & Allergen Identification – Glutens and allergens have become an increasing concern for many customers. A restaurant that wants to add menu selections that are gluten free needs to make certain that it is correct when making that claim.  Added ingredients can include glutens and allergens without a restaurant’s knowledge.  Healthy Dining Finder will analyze all ingredients and make sure a “gluten free” menu item is truly gluten free.

Vegetarian & Vegan Identification – Similar to gluten & allergens, vegetarian and vegan identification is becoming more of a factor for restaurants. Recipe analysis by Healthy Dining Finder will ensure animal and dairy products aren’t hidden in a restaurant’s vegan dish, thereby making sure the ingredients are right before an item goes on the menu.

Healthy Recipe Consulting – Healthy Dining Finder will work with a restaurant to design or rework recipes to ensure they are as healthy as possible. They can help reduce fat, lower sodium or add fiber to a recipe while maintaining flavor profiles. Often, making recipes healthier can actually save money.  Turn menu favorites into healthier choices.

Website – Healthy Dining Finder has a website, Consumers use the website to find restaurants that offer healthy menu selections. For a monthly fee, Healthy Dining will analyze four or five of a restaurant’s healthy menu items and put them on their website.  Consumers can search an area, find participating restaurants and view their healthy menu choices.  com helps drive health conscious consumers to restaurants offering healthy choices.

MRA members receive a 20% discount on all Healthy Dining Finder services.  Most analysis can be handled conveniently by phone or via email.  For information contact Healthy Dining Finder at (800) 953-3463 or via email:


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