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“Chef Coat Presence”
Effective representation before the Missouri Legislature is an exercise in diligence and persistence. An integral component of this representation is the continual education of legislators on the importance of Missouri’s restaurants to the overall health of our state economy. This education must necessarily require a consistent presence in Jefferson City, as education should be as gradual as the moon rise, perceptible not in progress but in result.

Toward this end, MRA maintains a continual grass roots presence at the Capitol. When the Missouri Legislature is in session, you will find a fellow member of MRA right on duty in the halls of the Capitol working for the betterment of Missouri’s restaurants. They are easy to recognize in their chef coat bearing the MRA logo – and easy for legislators to remember “MRA was here today.”

Will you report for your one-day tour of duty at the Capitol? Can you spare several hours to help your business and the restaurant industry? All that is required is a sincere desire to pitch in and help. MRA will provide the necessary instruction and guidance to effectively represent the industry, beginning with the room at the Capitol where you will find your chef coat, and the cell phone number for Brent Hemphill, MRA’s contract lobbyist, who will also be at the Capitol along with several members of his staff. You will not be alone.

At the end of your tour of duty at the Capitol, simply return the chef coat to the hanger upon which you found it. Your fellow MRA member will find it there the following day, and proudly wear it, to build upon the work you accomplished the day before.

To find out more about MRA’s grass roots presence in Jefferson City, and to wear the MRA chef coat at the Capitol, contact Barb Hergenroether, Director of Operations, by phone, 314-576-2777 or by email;


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