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Love your food and love your community? GiftAMeal applies both of those concepts to drive traffic to restaurants. Each time a user takes a photo at a participating location, GiftAMeal provides a meal to someone in need through a local food bank. Users may also recommend restaurants to friends, and share photos from the restaurant on social media to provide an additional meal. GiftAMeal generates positive publicity and greater customer engagement for the restaurants involved.
Restaurants pay a small monthly fee, with the least expensive plan costing only $50/month.
Members of the Missouri Restaurant Association will receive a 10% discount.
They will also receive an additional 15% off of that if they decide to pay for a full year upfront.
GiftAMeal is currently in the Greater St. Louis area and will be expanding to the rest of Missouri soon! If you are interested in learning more, please go to or contact GiftAMeal’s CEO Andrew Glantz:, 314-656-6244.


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