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Facebook’s newest feature could be your new best friend

If you’re in the hospitality industry and you’re not on Facebook, it’s time to get on it.

Most of all, if you aren’t advertising on Facebook, it’s time to learn what it can offer your business and take advantage of it.

One of the most exciting developments in Facebook advertising is Dynamic Ads – a way for advertisers to dynamically display their ads to Facebook users based on products they visited previously on the advertiser’s website or mobile app.

Dynamic Ads make advertising much easier, especially for e-commerce websites that sell multitudes of products. Without Dynamic Ads, advertisers would need to manually create ads and Website Custom Audience for each of their products. Dynamic Ads provide Facebook a product catalog and ad template that changes based on factors including viewing a product, but not buying.

“Now with Dynamic Ads, advertisers can showcase every one of their products automatically with dynamic creative and targeting, so they can show the right product to the right person every time,” Facebook said in a statement.

Of great interest to the hospitality industry is Dynamic Ads for Travel. With this nifty feature, travel websites can display dynamic ads for a single hotel or an entire group of hotels based on travel intent.

“Dynamic Ads for travel empower travel advertisers to offer hotel options to people who have shown interest in taking a trip, either by browsing hotels or searching and purchasing a flight,” Facebook said. “For example, a travel business can connect with people who viewed a hotel on their website by showing them an ad featuring the hotel they viewed along with similar hotels in the area.”

The same principle works with users who purchase flights. Advertisers can display ads for hotels in destinations where users recently booked trips through their websites or mobile apps.

Availability and pricing are also dynamic, making sure users only see relevant ads. Additionally, advertisers can display class-based ads for hotels. Thus, if you are searching for a low cost option, you will only see similarly priced hotels.

Finally, advertisers who access Dynamic Ads for Travel can target based on booking window. Thus, if a flight is booked for Monday through Thursday, advertisers can be sure they are showing relevant pricing and availability options.

Dynamic Ads for Travel will initially be made available to managed accounts only. If you need this feature, ask your advertising representative.

While the initial rollout of this feature is geared to the travel industry, it will expand to other industries in the near future.

“This is an interesting pivot for Facebook and a nice enhancement for the hospitality industry,” Jon Loomer, a digital marketing consultant, said of Dynamic Ads for Travel.

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