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2016 Restaurant Neighbor Award

Share your story or nominate a fellow restaurateur

The prestigious Restaurant Neighbor Award was created through the joint efforts of American Express, the founding sponsor of the award, and the National Restaurant Association to recognize a select group of America’s restaurants that go above and beyond the call of duty in service to their local community.

The summer edition of The Missouri Restaurant Magazine highlighted the stories of Missouri’s 2016 Restaurant Neighbor Award recipients:

Bartolino’s Osteria              Iron Barley Eating Establishment              Syberg’s Restaurants

In addition to outstanding community service, all of the honorees have something else in common.  Another person nominated them for the award.  Consider this a second call for nominations for the 2017 Restaurant Neighbor Award.  Share your story or nominate a fellow restaurateur.  Either way, these stories need to be told.  More information can be accessed here:  Restaurant Neighbor Award

The nomination process begins with an email to MRA Director of Operations, Barb Hergenroether at bhergenroether@morestaurants.org.  MRA will help throughout the process, starting with providing a simple form to start capturing the tale of the giving spirit of the Missouri restaurateur you are nominating.  Let us hear from you.  The deadline for applications is November 11, 2016.

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